Sega Dreamcast imports guide: The best Japan-only games to play

For a less-successful-than-hoped system approaching two decades of existence, the Dreamcast holds an impressive library of games that just haven’t seen proper follow-ups, and that holds true with the unlocalized segment of its library. The end of the road for Sega’s hardware development was full of both special novelties and Japan-only genre specialties, and the system’s arcade-like approach means a lot of it’s totally playable for Western audiences. Here’s what you shouldn’t miss!

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Review: Hit? Miss? Tiny Metal seeks to advance war

Tiny Metal has ideas.

That hasn’t been a given in the post-apocalyptic landscape of games seeking to fill the void left by the disappearance of Advance Wars. Some have brought style, and others have delivered faithfully on the sort of combat Wars perfected, but rarely have we seen a game that both seeks to follow in that franchise’s footsteps and further explore the tactical space within.

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The best JRPGs of 2017

With some long-awaited titles and unlikely localizations mixed in with pure surprises, there were a lot of JRPGs in 2017 and the batch wasn’t lacking in quality. But there are only so many hours in the day! So if you only play three of the year’s role-playing games, it should be these. (But also you can play more than three and we wouldn’t exactly be mad at you.)

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