Which mobile otome games are worth your time?

Otome games, be they visual novels or other sorts of titles with relationship-building elements, are finding more and more of a place for themselves. It is easy to find something new to play. This is especially true if you have a phone or tablet. Tons of mobile otome games are out there. However, they’re not all worth your time. Finding the right sort to play can be tricky. Fortunately, Michibiku is here to help you find the perfect kind of virtual love.

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Nintendo Switch imports guide: the best Japan-only games to play

The Nintendo Switch has made it easier than ever for Western Nintendo fans to enjoy import-only games, and it’s a good thing, too, because there’s some fun stuff to check out! (Even if, due to so many localizations about which we will not complain, the options are still a bit slim.) Here’s your guide to what you should be playing that hasn’t made it to Western eShops.

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Interview: Kadokawa’s Yuki Watanabe on building RPG Maker MV for consoles

The console editions of RPG Maker MV are headed Westward in February 2019, but they’re making their Japanese debut this week! We asked Yuki Watanabe, a Kadokawa veteran and the director of this console release, about what we should expect from this new version of the game.

Michibiku: What is the driving force behind the development of RPG Maker MV? What are you trying to deliver to players that previous games haven’t done, or haven’t done as well as you’d like?
Yuki Watanabe, Director, RPG Maker MV: This is actually the first time we have ported a PC version to console. Usually, the console version is different, because we have to pay attention to memory and things like that, but this time, we could bring nearly the full PC experience to everyone.

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