Review: Fate/Extella is destined to be a constant tug of war

The Fate series has come a long way from Fate/stay night, the adult visual novel that started it all. There have been anime series, films, light novels and manga series. Additional games have offered us the chance to go beyond “Choose Your Own Adventure” interactive experiences, offering us fighting games and JRPGs. Given the number of combatants and in-series war for supremacy, it isn’t surprising to see Musou/Warriors-style beat’em up where we fight for territory.

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Kirby25: Kirby’s Dream Land (GB, 1992)

Welcome to Kirby25! To celebrate the Kirby franchise’s 25th anniversary, we’re playing all the games in the series in weekly video features. It feels like 2017 could use some happy, relaxing fun, and we hope these episodes will be a welcome respite from the stress of life.

This week, Lucas White (@HokutoNoRucas) joins in as we play through the very first game: Kirby’s Dream Land for the original Game Boy. The game’s a fascinating case study in just how much of the eventual formula was in place in the first title and how much wasn’t.

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