Five Japan-only sequels offer a second helping of fun

It’s a fairly common game development practice: build on a game’s engine and assets to make a new experience on the same platform with less time and effort. It’s resulted in some all-time great games, like The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask and Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, and it’s also meant dev teams could deliver more than one title in a generation.

These games aren’t often the ones we miss; once a series starts being localized, it tends to stay that way for a while. But sometimes it happens! Thankfully, these are easy games to import, as you know the controls and systems well from the previous game we did get.

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The troubled history of Famicom Wars

It’s weird to think of Advance Wars as some sort of series for importers. After all, we’ve seen the last four entries in the West, in some cases several years before they’re released in their original Japanese form. The last title, Days of Ruin, was released in the U.S. and Europe in 2008, after a breakneck localization process that saw completely different English names and conversations in the two regions. Japanese players could buy it… in October 2013. As a digital-only Club Nintendo reward. This is just the latest in the Famicom Wars franchise’s rocky, questionable release history, one sometimes affected by real-life conflict.

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A beginner’s guide to Advance Wars

While the Fire Emblem series is experiencing a renaissance, the same can’t be said for its longtime compatriot, Advance Wars. The other strategy franchise from Intelligent Systems has been dormant since 2008! Still, there’s a lot to love in its history, and until we’re given another new one, digging back into those older titles is the way to go. But where should you start? Read on.

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The Nintendo DS constantly quenched our thirst for adventure

Nintendo 3DS owning internet denizens were recently given a rather robust reason to rejoice. Capcom revealed it would be localizing the sixth entry in the Ace Attorney series: Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Spirit of Justice. It’s quite a coup for adventure aficionados! But, it’s also another addition to a genre that did a wonderful job of establishing itself on Nintendo handhelds. The DS library is a phenomenal trove of plot-heavy adventure games.

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Video: See the sea with Starfy’s last Japan-only title

Remember The Legendary Starfy? It’s… really okay if you didn’t, because its DS release slipped by many on this side of the Pacific. If you do recall it, it’s probably because you fondly remember its thoroughly pleasant platforming in the vein of Kirby and its distinctive two-environment back-and-forth.

That game, though, was the fifth in the series, and the only one we got! If you want more Starfy action, your best bet is Densetsu no Stafy 4, which is a very similar release and coincidentally also the thing we played for a video for you to watch!

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