Kirby25: Kirby’s Adventure (NES, 1993), Part 1

Kirby25 is a week-by-week video celebration of the Kirby series’ 25th anniversary. For more, check out the Kirby25 archive.

This week, Henry Skey (@Dollerz) helps us start our journey into Kirby’s Adventure, the lone NES release in the franchise. This entry adds the trademark copy abilities and a host of surrounding comforts that would become a mainstay. Come back next week for the (thrilling?) conclusion!

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Kirby25: Kirby’s Dream Land (GB, 1992)

Welcome to Kirby25! To celebrate the Kirby franchise’s 25th anniversary, we’re playing all the games in the series in weekly video features. It feels like 2017 could use some happy, relaxing fun, and we hope these episodes will be a welcome respite from the stress of life.

This week, Lucas White (@HokutoNoRucas) joins in as we play through the very first game: Kirby’s Dream Land for the original Game Boy. The game’s a fascinating case study in just how much of the eventual formula was in place in the first title and how much wasn’t.

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Video: Get drawn in by Rakugaki Showtime

When delving into the world of retro imports, you’re always hoping to find a treasure, but what about a Treasure treasure? Late-life PS1 release Rakugaki Showtime is a fun Power Stone-style brawler with a hand-drawn look and even a Mischief Makers cameo, and it’s a great little game to check out today. So do that! We conveniently have this video.

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