Michibiku plays Advance Wars: Dual Strike!

Summer’s a great time to watch a Let’s Play! That’s what we hear, anyway. Each Friday in July, we’ll be posting episodes of our full campaign playthrough of Advance Wars: Dual Strike, the 2005 DS game from Intelligent Systems and the last release to feature the franchise’s iconic world and characters. Join us!

You can view all the episodes we’ve posted in the embedded playlist below, view the playlist on YouTube or check out our full offering of videos on our YouTube channel!

July 6:
Missions 1-3
Missions 4-5
Missions 6-7
Mission 8
Mission 9

July 13:
Missions 10-11
Mission 12
Missions 13-14
Mission 15
Mission 16

July 20: Missions 17-22
July 27: Missions 23-Finale

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