Review: RPG Maker Fes helps you tell stories

Have you ever looked at or played through a game and thought, “Maybe I can do better than this?” People who have had such thoughts may have gone on to grab one of the various programs available for their PC to make those dreams come true. But what if you want to do that, only with a handheld console? Enter RPG Maker Fes, a program published by NIS America that allows you to create your own games.

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Free Steam games visual novel fans shouldn’t miss

If there’s one thing I’ve noticed about visual novels in my various playthroughs, I’ve found that it is very easy to treat them in the same way I do books. That is, I play them until I am done, because once I start reading anything, I have to finish. (It’s a blessing and a curse, really.) That means it can be easy to swiftly speed through such games.

For people like me, there is a resource you can turn to. It is actually Steam!

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Giga Wrecker shows the enduring nature of humanity

What place does humanity have in a post-apocalyptic world? In Giga Wrecker, thousands of robots known as Ajeet have taken over the planet. Most humans are eliminated, enslaved or forced to resort to desperate means as they fight back. The ones we see are our heroine, Reika, who become a cyborg when near death, the mad scientist Koutaro Kouzuki, who made her what she now is, and Amane, a girl that threatens her before being abducted. Yet, even though situations are so bleak, humanity’s best (and worst) traits shine through.

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