Video: Exploring the tools and scripting of RPG Maker Fes

In NIS America’s new, localized 3DS release, RPG Maker Fes, players can, well, make their own RPGs! And share them with others. In this second video, we look at the game’s event scripting, build out our party and begin to fill our game’s world.

Check out part one here for the very basics of the game, and our review of the game here. And come back on Monday for the third and final episode!

Topics include: Building out events, making silly captions, putting in secrets, assembling a team of unlikely heroes, comfy accessories, questionable combat practices, character naming under pressure.

  • Tohru K

    I’m gonna buy it because of you.

  • Amanda

    Could you create a guide/video that explains everything to do with variables like how to use them and stuff. I want to use variables to control monster stats so I just change the variable to increase/decrease their stats and include equipment stats that change based on variables etc. I am a visual learner unless the guide is written clearly with step 1 do this and why you would if that makes sense. No one else has been able to help me. All they say is play with it till you figure it out. It’s been 3 weeks and I still can’t get variables to work at all. Thank you.

    • Jenni Lada

      I don’t think RPG Maker Fes is capable of using variables to control monster stats or equipment stats. From what I’ve seen, it does not work that way. You would need to create separate instances of monsters and specific encounters to determine if you would encounter monster or monster group 1 or 2 in an area.


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