Video: Our Flick Erasers is fun Japanese weirdness

What… is this? That’s a fair reaction to Our Flick Erasers, a release from budget game maker SAT-BOX that recently made its way to the West. It’s a simple sort of game with ideas that began on mobile, but it’s packed with nonsense and fun at a very base level. Watch for a better look!

Also known in some regions and on some platforms as Drop Eraser, the game’s about flicking erasers of various shapes and… believability, and basically every idea around that was included with little regard for whether it would work. It’s a fun grab bag in that way! If you pick it up, we’d recommend you try playing it with friends. That’s definitely the way to go!

Topics include: Commitment to branding, inexplicable gacha, anthropomorphized school supplies, the importance of localization, unifying Japan.

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