Video: Having a fun day in the city in Yakuza 5

Yakuza 5 does have some fun underworld intrigue and fighting action, but there’s so much enjoyment to the game that’s just about having a good time! Andrew Passafiume joins us to check out the arcade, play some riverside Shogi and practice our safe driving around the city.

The minigames in Yakuza 5 are numerous and crazy, ranging from a full online implementation of Virtua Fighter 2 to a taxi challenge that rewards you for using your turn signal. It’s so easy to just hang out in the world and have a good time without needing to get too invested in the story. (But, you know, the story’s not bad either.)

If you want to jump into Yakuza 5 yourself, you can pick it up now for your PS3 on PSN! Yakuza Zero will release in the West on PS4 later this year.

Topics include: Club Sega, Lindaaa!, no limp noodles here, running kicks, how babies are born, entire issues of manga, dog photos, how to lose badly at Shogi.

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