Tetris Effect helps you escape an unbearable reality

Sometimes the world can be truly awful.

Not all the time. Often, and possibly even usually, participating in the chaos of existence that surrounds you can be rewarding and even life-affirming. Occasionally, though, it’s not, and in those moments, it’s helpful to be able to escape. To withdraw. To distract and recuperate and wait until you’re prepared to return. There’s value in this respite, and for some, it can be the difference between getting through the day and… well, not.

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Interview: Brian Gray on localizing Gotta Protectors

Brian Gray is a veteran of the localization industry, working on big franchises such as Kingdom Hearts and Fire Emblem, cult favorites like The World Ends with You and Jeanne d’Arc and recent releases like Xenoblade Chronicles X and Azure Striker Gunvolt. We talked with him about his latest project: Gotta Protectors, a 3DS eShop release from composer Yuzo Koshiro’s studio, Ancient.

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Video: Relive the GameCube kiosk experience with Interactive Multi-Game Demo Disc Vol. 13!

GameCube demo discs are magical things. They’re not nearly as common as for other systems, and these ones specifically — the kiosk ones — have a very different feel, designed to grab you from a store display and not run in the comfort of your own home. Today, we’re checking out Interactive Multi-Game Demo Disc Vol. 13, released during the system’s prime!

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